Interview with an athlete, coach, competitor Signe Sirma

Greetings to all followers of Dzintaru 3days!

We hope that all of you are enjoying this snowy winter and still continue to be active! The #DZ3DBlog is back in February and in Today’s story we are offering you a conversation with a competitor of Dzintaru 3-days 2019, student, coach and one of the best Latvian youngster orienteers who is already proved herself in orienteering elite – Signe Sirma!

Kalvis Kalva (KK): How do you do? How do you enjoy winter during this pandemic?

Signe Sirma (SS): After a long time I have finally managed to skate on the lake and to do some base training work on cross-country skis here in Latvia. In recent years I have failed to do so because there was minimal snow but this winter I’m very pleased. I have also managed to enjoy a various mountain skiing slopes, as well as simply enjoyed the fun of childhood winter by riding sleds or simply sliding down the hill with my close ones.

KK: What are your plans for the new summer orienteering season? What do you expect from yourself?

SS: I really hope that the epidemiological situation regarding the COVID-19 in Latvia and elsewhere will improve by the beginning of this season and again the orienteers will be able to come together and compete. Personally, I would love to finally travel to some training camp outside Latvia and to variate my practice process. I think that the upcoming orienteering season will be very difficult for me since I am starting this year in the Elite group. It’s going to be a big test. I can’t wait to compete because I want to see what I am able to do after this winter’s training process.

In terms of what I would like to achieve this season it is to improve my personal record of 3000m running un track and definitely qualify for the Latvian selected orienteering team. Certainly a lot of depends on whether international competitions can happen. If that happens then my main focus is on races at the World Championships. But still my goal at national level is to be a stable Top3 athlete in the Latvian Cup stages.

KK: What is the first thing you think of when you hear “Dzintaru 3-days”?

SS: An orienteering race – a challenge. Previously “Dzintaru 3-days” have surprised me with a lot of different things. I am glad that the “Dzintaru 3-days” team is composed of young and intelligent people who are trying to create something new in the orienteering sport in Latvia.

KK: Have and how have you noticed that in 2021 after a 2-year break the “Dzintaru 3-days” are coming back?

SS: Yeah, I’ve noticed! In terms of the recognition of this project I would like to remember the “Dzintaru 3-days 2018” when I won an “Dzintaru” nylon shirt after a good performance, with which I have raced at the Latvian Cup stages afterwards. During these races I was often asked where I got that shirt and what are these competitions. I replied that in the beginning it was a competition for friends but it will grow every year and it should be that any orienteering sports enthusiast will be able to participate in them. Interesting that the biggest interest was expressed by more experienced orienteers.

I actively follow the “Dzintaru 3-days” Instagram account (@dzintaru3dienas) where a various news articles are published. I know that “Dzintaru 3-days 2021” will take place this year around Ropaži from July 30 to August 1.

KK: How do you remember your first “Dzintaru 3-days” competition?

SS: I remember them as they had happened yesterday. We were a bunch of friends who competed with each other while maintaining the competitive atmosphere. The format of the competition was interesting because it did not only take place in the daytime as it is in most of the many-day competitions but also in the dark time of the day. For the first time I had a chance to race in the night micro-sprint where I had to run through the labyrinth which was really challenging for me. It also made me lose the first place in the overall results and Elza (Kuze) took the lead. I remember that all organizers were helpful at every moment and resolved the problems as soon as they occurred. The quality of the maps and distances must be highlighted and the prize fund for such a relatively small number of participants was at high quality!

My first “Dzintaru 3-days” were in 2018. In 2019 I also participated but not every day of the race, because I had to go to a camp.

KK: Why do you think sports enthusiasts and professionals should participate in “Dzintaru 3-days 2021”?

SS: Because the organisers of these competitions are young, ambitious people with a goal to improve the quality of orienteering competitions. In a long term I hope that these competitions will become one of the best quality and most popular in Latvia. I believe this orienteering race will be well thought-through. What attracts me the most: certainly the distances will be interesting and challenging. I hope you will pleasantly surprise us this year!

KK: Do you plan to participate in “Dzintaru Three-days 2021” and what do you expect?

SS: At the moment, my plans depend on whether there will be an opportunity to compete at all. Unfortunately, I don’t have a specific plan yet. I very much hope I don’t have a camp or international competition in the course of the “Dzintaru Three-days”, so I can come to Ropaži.

KK: What is your wish for “Dzintaru Three-days” and what do you see them like in 10 years’ time?

SS: Before the conversation, I thought about my wish and managed to write it down. I can read it to you. I wish the “Dzintaru Three-days” team to achieve great results and to find the strength and motivation to work harder and harder. I wish not to give up at the first difficulty, but to keep working and improving, because it is the one who does not give up who will achieve the most. Expect a hard job that will require both sweat and tears, but it will be worth it all. With each day you will become stronger and step forward for your purpose, and one day you will certainly achieve it!

The first month of 2021 has already run unnoticed. Let’s continue to be individually active in February! Keep up with “Dzintaru Three-days” news on our social networks! The March blog conversation promises to bring great added value.

Be healthy!

The blog was prepared by Kalvis Kaļva

30.01.2021, Madona

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