Interview with the boss Rihards Krumins


Snowy greetings to everyone in December!

“Dzintaru Three-days 2021” (translated from Latvian “Dzintaru” means Amber) organizer team is really pleased to launch a new blog series of monthly articles called “What are Dzintaru Three-days?”. As part of the blog, every next month up to the “Dzintaru Three-Days 2021”, you will be able to read an interview with one of the organizers, supporters or competition participants from previous years to get to know this versatile team from another perspective. As a first conversation we offer you the “Dzintaru Three-days 2021” competition director Rihards Krumins or as friends call him “Krūms” (“The Bush”).

KK: What is Rihards Krumins?

RK: I would say he is a person who divides his time into 4 parts. The first part, which I think is also the most enjoyable, is the orienteering sport. I’m putting in a lot of work and preparation for the next summer’s orienteering season, which will be my first season as an elite group member. I have set goals that I want to achieve, and I’m willing to fulfill them.

The second part is education. I am a 2nd year student at Riga Technical University in the study programme “Computer Systems”, where I’m learning the basics of programming, the design and architecture of computer networks. I am most attracted by the programming itself. In addition to everyday studies, I learn other programming languages and I like it.

Then there is the third part which includes the “Dzintaru Three-days 2021” project. This part is very close to me and at the same time it is a jump into the unknown to gain more organizational experience in arranging orienteering sports competitions.

The closing quarter is my spare time. It includes my family, my private life, and I am an excellent procrastinator under this section.

KK: How did you become the “boss” of the Dzintaru Three-day project?

RK: I wouldn’t really call myself “boss”, I’d rather define myself as acting coordinator. The important decisions of the competition are decided jointly, but I am more responsible for the planning of tasks and their synchronization, and I check whether these tasks have been completed in the appropriate quality. It must be said that I have not been involved in this project since its beginnings. I was invited to the organizers’ team by the authors of the idea of this competition, Kārlis Stradiņš and Ralfs Jānis Eižvertiņš during the 2nd year of the Dzintaru Three-days project, in the summer of 2019. In the context of the upcoming event in 2021, the decision to nominate me as the team coordinator came spontaneously and naturally. I believe that I can see things from different angles and gather the opinions of all of my team members. I cannot deny that, by nature, I am sometimes insistent with my opinions in areas which I think I am well acquainted with (i.e. orienteering sports) and wish to be heard. Soon we will be able to see the real results of my management of this youthful “Dzintaru Three-days 2021” organizer team.

KK: What does the “Dzintaru Three-days 2021” project mean to you right now?

RK: At present, it is an attempt for me to organize high quality orienteering competition. I want to check on what the whole team of organizers is capable of. In my heart, I hope that this competition will become bigger from year to year and that this project will turn out to be something more significant than just the annual weekend orienteering race. I want to use this project to promote and develop a sport that is so close to me. Moreover, I would like to give the participants the opportunity to enjoy orienteering as much as I enjoy it. Only time will show if this dream of mine will work out.

KK: What do you want “Dzintaru Three-days 2021” to be remembered by for the participants and visitors?

RK: First of all, with the organizational quality of competition, so that participants do not have the impression that we allow inaccuracies to save time and resources. Secondly, with appropriate distances and amenities at the centre of the competition. Thirdly, with a new, so-called “berry” (originality, something new), so that this competition is slightly different from others. I certainly want people to remember this competition with positive feelings and become an annual tradition they are looking forward to.

KK: Please name 3 adjectives which you currently associate with Dzintaru Three-days?

RK: Dedication. Freshness. “Orangeousness”.

KK: How do you imagine the Dzintaru Three-day project 10 years from now?

RK: Definitely with a pleasant atmosphere where people want to be and be part of this orienteering forum. Looking at the size of the competition, I am ambitious and I want it to grow into a European-level project. With that, I believe that there should be a level of competition to create a dilemma for sports enthusiasts from all over Europe on whether to go to the O-ringen 5-day orienteering competition in Sweden, or to try these new Dzintaru Three-days. It may be one of the highest points which an orienteering race can reach, but I am not afraid of this ambitious idea. This is certainly a dream at the moment, but it must be the level we are aiming for in the long-run. We have a lot of new, good ideas that can help to pursue it. In my opinion, there are many ideas and methods which the organizers of other competitions do not use to attract the audience because it takes too much time and energy in their view.  We will certainly try to use these ideas.

The real goal after 10 years – the largest orienteering sports competition in Latvia.


2021 is already around the corner and the team of organizers look optimistic for the upcoming months with the idea that “Dzintaru Three-days 2021” will be a memorable forum for orienteering sport lovers.

Wait for the next conversation with one of our “Ambers” which is coming already in January and keep on track for the future Dzintaru Three-days news.

Stay healthy!

The blog post was prepared by Kalvis Kaļva



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